Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy November!

Just to let our instagram/twitter followers know, I'll be doing a little project for the month of November based on a sweet book that we sell in the shop:

Leah Dietrich's mother told her to write thank you notes to the every-day things in life as an exercise in gratitude. And that is just what she does. This book is filled with dozens of sweet thank you notes that will remind you of just how sweet it is to be alive and kicking in this wonderful world. Better yet, it may inspire you to take up your own "thx" project, which is just what I'll be doing for the month of November. From now until Thanksgiving, I will be posting a different thank-you note on the instagram (@pickwickstyle) every day. At the end, I'll be tossing them together into a little collage to keep around for grouchy days.

Would you like to add to this project? Feel free to send me your own little note by e-mail! I'll be sure it gets put up on the instagram and, ultimately, here.

Dear Words from thxthxthx on Vimeo.

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