Monday, December 30, 2013

The Home Stretch

I am a huge organization geek and as any of my line-and-row addicted fellows out there will understand, we are in the Season of the Planner! Whether you're an old hand at keeping that schedule in line or need to start up the practice of penciling in appointments and to-do lists, we have a planner at the shop to suit your style and needs. First up, the ever classic and reliable Moleskine options!

18-month planner in small - $24, large - $25 at Pickwick's Mercantile
This 18-month planner comes in two choices of soft-cover, a standard size and a large. Moleskine has plenty of practice in making wonderful stationery product, so you can trust that everything you might need can be found inside- pages to take notes, sufficient space, daily and monthly calendars. On top of function though, you really can't go wrong with Moleskine form. Simple black for the classy gent or dame.

12 little planners for $40!
 My co-workers call my bags "luggage", if that gives you any insight into the kind of space I employ- but if you're the opposite of me and carry a modest purse (or simply use your pockets to their potential), this 12-pack is perfect. Each notebook is a different color and serves as a planner for one month!
Moleskine pink planner - $24 at Pickwick's Mercantile
This goes out to all you pink girls, this limited edition planner is beautiful and comes in hard-cover, with all of the features of a tried and true Moleskine agenda!

Live Simply 2014 Planner - $12.95 at Pickwick's Mercantile
Here's one that is absolutely precious, but doesn't break the bank. The "Live Simply" planner is full of sweet little illustrations and has both day-to-day write-ins and monthly calendars.

Parisian Chic Planner - $19.95 at Pickwick's Mercantile
And finally, my personal favorite- the planner from Parisian Chic! Coveniently small, durable, and an eye-catching shade of red, it is full of tips and tricks to keep you stylish and well-prepared all year round! I love the interior- the whole package is tres parfait!

So, who's ready for 2014? This year I am beginning the new tradition of writing my resolutions in the front of my planner, so that I can't escape them! Start a new tradition or just get into a good habit and avail yourself of one of these little beauties as we roll into a celebration of new beginnings!


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