Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Santa Maria Novella Spotlight: 2

Image credit: http://unseentuscany.com/shopping-the-best-of-made-in-florence/
The Santa Maria Novella pharmacy in Florence.
Welcome back for the second half of the Santa Maria Novella spotlight! If you haven't read Part I, you can do so HERE. Let's jump right in!
Olio Cosmetico - $78 at Pickwick's Mercantile
This cosmetic oil might be magic. Derived from the chamomile plant and packed with the Vitamin F your skin craves, it is ideally used by those with sensitive or dry skin. Excellent for removing moisturizers at the end of your day, it is even better for use immediately after a shower or bath, to seal in all of that moisture and help heal the skin of your face. This is a favorite among our staff members!
Pasta de Mandorle - $55 at Pickwick's Mercantile
Idratante Labra - $35 at Pickwick's Mercantile
Sapone el Melograno - $18 at Pickwick's Mercantile

  1. This picture is packed with goodies, so let's travel left to right. This paste is used to repair and soften. It is reported to have been the first product ever made by the monks and it is packed with high quality ingredients such as sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, egg yolk and beeswax from their own bees! Use it on elbows, heels, or any other rough patch- all year round!
  2. The Lip Moisturizer is a smooth concoction based on cocoa butter (yum!) and enhanced with Vitamins E and F to heal, not just slick over. In this cold weather, I could use a tube myself!
  3. The process for the bath soaps from SMN is pretty incredible- they triple mill each individual soap, age it for two months, and then shape each bar using trusty two-hundred-year-old equipment. The pomegranate oil scent base is so different from anything else- delicate and special. The only downside is that once you start using it, it will be hard to go back to anything else!

There are more beautiful products, including body milk ($80) and anti-hysteria water, an ancient concoction with a soothing effect, but, I can't give away all of the secrets! You will have to come in and see for yourself. We look forward to sharing SMN products and all of the legends that go along with them!

If you see anything you love but can't come in to purchase, send me an e-mail at thistlejones@gmail.com and let's chat! I would love to help get it to your door!

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