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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide by pickwickstyle showing what to wear with leather handbags

Love comes in all shapes and sizes and, although every day is a celebration of the folks that make our lives lovelier, Valentine's Day is an opportunity to thank and appreciate the ones that make our hearts beat a little faster. Here at Pickwick's, we've put together our top picks for the romantic side of the holiday!

Lady Pickwick’s Pick: Peony Pillar Candle - $34
                This soy wax candle has a floral scent so light that it won’t drive the gentleman of the house from the room, but will set the mood for any comfortable space. Set this between the tapers for your candlelight dinner to present it as a surprise gift. And don’t worry about stepping on the toes of the master decorator; the beautiful pale pink design on the reusable glass will fit in anywhere.

Bronte’s Pick: Annabel Ingall “Coco” in Saddle - $410
                This beautiful leather bag is really closer to a merlot than a saddle, in my opinion, but no matter the color, it cannot be denied that it is the perfect purse. Annabel Ingall is an Australian designer at the forefront of sleek and practical design using high quality materials and colors that we can’t get over. Your lady love will use this piece for years to come and love it so much that she might retire her other bags!

Thistle’s Pick: Halcyon Days Salamander Hinge Bracelet in Gold & Ivory - $120
                Jewelry is the most classic of all Valentine’s Day Gift options. If you are going the traditional route, this piece is ideal- sleek and understated, it will go with nearly everything she owns and is of heirloom quality. Handmade in England, this brass bracelet will last a lifetime.

Julep’s Pick: Acqua di Colonia “Tobacco” Cologne - $125
                Perfume is a brave and perfect choice for a Valentine’s Day gift. As it’s such a personal item, it says you know her well enough to choose a scent for her to live in and that you are confident enough to make that call. We have only recently started carrying this selection from the Santa Maria Novella apothecary in Florence, Italy, but everyone in the shop is already thoroughly enamored.  This unisex scent, a sweet tobacco with hints of amber and vanilla, is ideal for the confident woman in your life.

Brian's Pick: Le Dame Aux Camelias by Jardins D'Ecrivains - $150

      This cologne was one of Lady Pickwick's discoveries, stumbled upon in a Paris boutique. Originally designed to be worn to bed *wink*, the notes includes spicy cardamom, orange blossom, and sweet rose with warm underpinnings of musk and juniper wood. Sweet with a hint of the seductress- does that describe your darling? As a bonus, she'll love the old world charm of the atomizer!

I hope you're all gearing up for the happiest of Valentine's Days!

"A loving heart is the truest wisdom."
- Charles Dickens


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