Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Darling Buds of May

Just in time, it feels like summer. The bricks have begun the simmering oven cycle that will continue until the ides of September and, as evidenced by the swarms of people out and about, I know I am not alone in my relief. It seemed that it was just about time to bust out something chic and fun, to match the spirit of release that comes with long awaited sunshine.

Thursday Island cotton dress - $80 at Lady Pickwick's
Gold heart necklace - $80 at Lady Pickwick's
Beaten gold heart bracelet - $75 at Lady Pickwick's

I am besotted with this cute baby doll style dress from Thursday Island. It is 100% cotton, top and lining, so it feels beautiful against the skin and looks beautiful where it hits the open air. Cotton is the go-to for the humid summer months in a port city. It is most beloved among materials for a reason.

Hailing fictional cabs
I'm 6'4" in these heels.
Just sayin'.

I am loving this socks and heels trend- it's adorable and a little ironic. Use a patterned sock to separate yourself from the lace and frills twee movement. I love these new Davco socks. They are unbelievably soft and the patterns vary from classic to edgy. Not to mention, they're $6. That blows my mind.

Bumper Kitty-Cat Wedge Heels
$30 at Lady Pickwick's (I kid you not)
Annabel Ingall Cross-body in Saddle
$265 at Lady Pickwick's

The Pickwick's love affair with Annabel Ingall pieces continues. These crossbody bags are perfect for weightless strolling. This piece has three isolated compartments that you can attach or detach by snapping them on and off. Supple leather clutch or supple leather bag- your choice! I am a New England girl by birth and nature, so it's hard for me to let go of good neutrals. The honeyed tones in the saddle toned bag keep me from getting too beige and navy.

Lady Pickwick's is officially open, as you can see, and we have the sign to prove it! It's even more darling inside than this outfit and you have to come by. I look forward to seeing your sunburnt faces in person. Enjoy your long weekend! And an enormous, everlasting thank you to those who have sacrificed (and continue to sacrifice) so that our Memorial Day (and everyday) can be so free of worry and care.

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