Thursday, November 6, 2014

Psychic Parlor Re-Cap: A Magical Evening

In Victorian times, when the supernaturalist movement was reaching its peak, people used to gather in studies, dining rooms and, of course, parlors, to try their hand at making contact with "the other side". Obsessed as we are with cameos, shadows, and all things from the era of buttoned boots and London fog, it seemed a perfect fit to pay homage to the ethereal gatherings of yore. On Sunday evening, October 26th, thirty lucky guests (who contributed to the Portsmouth Halloween Parade with their attendance) joined the staff of Pickwick's Mercantile and special presenters Roxie Zwicker and Knate Higgins for an evening of high spirits, swinging 30's Halloween tunes, and crash courses in reading beyond the veil and folk magic. 

Knate Higgins, producer of the Red Light Series at the Seacoast Repertory Theatre, introduced the audience to the tools of the trade- from the desert ever-herb Rose of Jericho to the mystical, practical recipes that people have used for centuries to bring prosperity and good fortune to their homes and dear ones. 

Roxie Zwicker, the intrepid and insightful leader of the Haunted Portsmouth walking tours and author Haunted Portsmouth and The New Hampshire Book of the Dead (both available at Pickwick's at the Banke) brought her knowledge and good grace to the upstairs stage. In her workshops, she shared her deep knowledge of tasseomancy (the reading of tea leaves) and cards from the classic tarot to the enchanting Lenormand, to a room of visitors watching and learning with rapt attention.

The event was hosted as a benefit for the Portsmouth Halloween Parade, an annual celebration of spooky community that winds its way through the streets, bringing us together to gambol and cheer and generally make a joyful ruckus under the dark autumn skies. Pickwick's was thrilled to see representatives of the Parade, including the Grand Marshal himself, come out for the event and set up their bags of tricks on the Parade table.

Before and after the festivities, we were lucky to the have the Portsmouth Herald graciously come out and write two fabulous and complimentary articles about the Psychic Parlor and, of course, the Parade! For more Parlor goodness, you can read those here and here!

This is only the first of many events coming down the line for Pickwick's Mercantile. Keep your eyes on the Facebook page and this space for invites and updates on what is sure to be a winter full of good times to be had by all.

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