Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Apothecary Guru Review of "Harry's" Truman Shave Set

This kit (+ coupon for four free blades)
available at Pickwick's Mercantile for $22
Image from Fast Company
Pickwick's Perfumery Guru

Using a Harry’s razor is like using a paint brush to shave your face. The grip folds into your hand perfectly, and only the lightest amount of pressure is needed to achieve a perfectly close shave. The cartridge head is angled to make short, painless work of navigating the tricky curves around the neck, and even managing those awkward spots under the nose.

The shaving cream is thick, rich and loaded with good stuff like coconut oil. Your face should be baby smooth and hydrated for the entire day after a single use. Just remember to rinse the blade well as you shave.

So guys – forget the drive to the drugstore and try the Harry’s line. You can order more cartridges online at They will be delivered to your doorstep as part of their subscription plan, based on your individual shaving needs (i.e. everyday smooth, sometimes smooth, and Viking bearded warrior style.)  

Fabulous Allen and Gerritsen interview
with Jeff Raider, Harry's co-founder

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