Sunday, September 29, 2013

Welcome to the first post on the official blog of Pickwick's Mercantile. I'm Thistle, a shopkeeper in one of the world's most lovely shops, and an individual in love with living. This blog will be a corner of the internet that reflects the lifestyle curated in Pickwick's, all while reflecting the culture and vibrancy of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 

In honor of new beginnings here on the harbor, and in the spirit of autumn, we had our first photo-shoot at the heart of the city. We stopped in at Breaking New Grounds for an early morning caffeine break, but while cups of coffee are functional fashion statements in and of themselves, on to the clothes! Fall is upon us. I love living in a place where the seasons have personality.  New Englanders celebrate autumn like a months long holiday before the long, cold winter.  It's all about rows of pumpkins in front of traditional farm homes, clear nights and a parade of all of the lush jackets, rich colors, and boots that you had just started to miss.

SweaterWoolmark Lambswool Unisex Crewneck - $45

Necklace: Amber Statement Necklace - Glass - $30

Ring: Czech Crystal - $14
Bag: Rebecca Ray's American Couture large bag
LipstickBesame in their signature color

We celebrated some of those staple pieces in our casual outfits for the season. I love that the camel, honeyed tones of brown have risen to prominence in the past couple of years. Paired with navy, the pant helps create a great neutral canvas for accessories. Because the sweater has a unisex shape, I tossed on an amber statement necklace to make it a little more feminine. A Czech Crystal ring with a fiery stone to match, was a subtle way to tie things together and the classic riding boots kept things from getting too fancy for a day out walking the cobbles. The bag was the perfect find to add to the overall effect. Rebecca Ray's American Couture line is wonderful, she plays with so many fun two-tone options and they're all made in the USA. As a final touch, a book, because there is no better accessory in my world. Autumn and Winter are the time for Dickens. It's the closest a New Englander can get to the fog and chill of the London of yore. 

Luckily, I was able to convince my wonderful gentleman to join in. He wore a Woolmark sweater as well, but in a beautifully detailed cable knit. The Kiel James Patrick bracelets are instantly classic, harkening back to the sailor's knots that once came from callused hands up and down the coast.  I love the neutral Turks Head Knot design (in navy) paired with the leather Quartermaster. They add a very masculine and distinguished element to the whole look. That being said, have you been to Classy Girls Wear Pearls, the blog of Sarah Vickers, the female half of KJP? She is the patron saint of classic, feminine fashion and an absolute inspiration for this writer.

SweaterWoolmark Unisex Cable Knit (Oatmeal) - $65

BraceletsKiel James Patrick Turks Head Knot in navy - $42 and Quartermaster - $56

It's a beautiful day in Portsmouth and I hope that it is the same wherever you are reading from. I can't wait to log in and share more goodness here on Pickwick's Style. Raise a glass to new seasons, new friends, and new projects! We will do the same here down on State Street.

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