Friday, October 4, 2013

Comfy Throws Comfy Boots

I’m not yet ready to exchange silk nightgowns for the warm and woolens of the season, so thank goodness for cozy throws, here to save the day. This yellow “lacy” knit made it possible to revel in the fairytale illusion of April Cornell’s silky soft nightie for one more night. In the age of flannel drawstring pajama pants, I continue to cling to nightwear suitable for the midnight corridors of Downton Abbey.

                That being said, these handcrafted leather and wood Swedish Hasbeens also seem to have arrived from a gentler era. Everyone at Pickwick’s loves this new “Victorian Gypsy” line so much, we’d gladly wear them up until just before our heads hit the pillow. Not only are they super comfortable, the details manage to set them apart from other boots, without sacrificing the flexibility of the shoe for building outfits. Wear with a cute, tall sock and enjoy the satisfying click of the wood on the cobbles.

                As I suspect that the people downstairs aren’t enjoying this photo-shoot nearly as much (clickety-click), it’s back to stocking feet and the quieter pastime of enjoying coconut chai to some favorite folky vinyls. It’s time to start practicing comfort, in preparation for the seasons ahead. Happy October! If you need me, I’ll be under this blanket with a flashlight and some Austen. I bet she would have loved my shoes.

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