Thursday, October 24, 2013

Modern Dracula

A vintage Irish cover of Dracula (Vintage Irish Bookcovers Blog)
, Bram Stoker, translated into Irish by Seán Ó Cuirrín, Oifig Díolta Foillseacháin Rialtais, 1933. Design: AóM (Austin Molloy). Courtesy of John Moore/Little Museum of Dublin
I think that the moral of this post is that Chris (the photographer) and I have way too much fun doing Pickwick's photoshoots, but honestly, a Dracula theme makes it easy. We went out to the beautiful Fort McClary to take the tunnel shots and while it was a beautiful morning, the dark underground spaces of the fort still gave off a great spooky vibe.

The Descent

The black silk blouse is thrifted, as well as the red wool mini-skirt, so it was fun to mix some of my own pieces with new products from Pickwick's. I love textured socks with a clean-lined skirt and some flat ankle-boots. I don't think there's anything wrong with the idea of vampires going a little biker glam on the shoe side of things. Dracula would definitely do leather.

I'm only hardcore for photoshoots
Campomaggi hand-crafted leather bag - $160 at Pickwick's!
Besame Lipstick looks amazing, even in black & white.
Very film noir...
 I'm of the mind that old school vampires are best, because they are just so darn classy. Whether it's Stoker's original Dracula or Anne Rice's deliciously wicked Lestat, there is a special place in my heart for some toothy, supernatural seducers. With that in mind, I tried to channel their stream-lined fierceness, with a nod to the Victorian chic tendencies of a modern-day Mina. I think the hand-made faux cameo earrings are a great nod to that femme fatale. I love how the light shines through them and really brings out their beautiful blood red color. I wish you could see the beautiful detailing on the golden exterior of the earring, it's perfection.

Extasia (hand-made in the US) intaglio- $60 at Pickwick's
Skull ring - only $10 at Pickwick's!
I love the Jazz Age vibe of this hanging necklace-
Also, matte beads!
Triska necklace - $32 at Pickwick's

But of course, all work and no play... you know how it goes, so we went a little crazy towards the end with some of the fun Halloween things we found in the store. False teeth? Maybe not convincing, but definitely delicious.

I am the spookiest of them all!
I'd come out and say "Hello", but it's a bit bright out there...
Wax candy vampire teeth - $1
Black/Orange Satin Adult-size Cape - $
 Unfortunately, it's impossible to work in all of the funky Halloweeny things that we love into a photoshoot of a person, so we were sure to tack some of the best here at the end. Mina certainly could have used our "Eau de Protection" from fine perfumers Etat Libre D'Orange (originally created for Spanish actress Rossy DePalma) when Dracula came for her. Not familiar with the reference? Grab a copy of the book from our shelves! Finally, our hand-dipped Wicked candles are the perfect addition to any Halloween scene!

Besame lipstick in "Red Noir" - $20
Dracula in beautiful hard cover - $20
Large Wicked candle - $32
Etat Libre de Orange "Eau de Protection" - $
MOR lipgloss in "Cassis Noir" - $1

A confession- I have never read the original Dracula (although you can test my I Am Legend and Interview with a Vampire cred, anytime). BUT! I am fixing that before Halloween and you can hold me to it! I'll let you know what I think on twitter! I hope you guys are planning all sorts of wild variations on classic themes for Halloween, or coming up with new themes that are all your own. I'll be at Strawbery Banke for their annual Ghosts on the Banke celebration and then it's a weekend full of Hitchcock and zombies- I'm a pretty lucky girl. 


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