Monday, October 28, 2013

Oh, Spooky Nostalgia

The calm before the storm of children!
I always say that my home-town is where I sleep, but Portsmouth is my home. The biggest culprit in making this a fact was that, as a nerdy youngster, my parents enrolled me in the wonderful Junior Roleplayer camp at Strawbery Banke. There, I spent a few summers learning Portsmouth history in a fascinating range of scenarios and falling increasingly in love with the special magic of the Banke. So, walking in to Walsh House on Friday night to help the new wave of "Juniors" into mutton-sleeved dresses and eye-laced boots, was a lot like coming back to myself.

The pirates with their quiet buddy, "Mr Bones"
Aside from being a lovely all-around experience for me, stepping into the boots of the older roleplayers I had once looked up to, Ghosts on the Banke is a precious night for many families within and on the outskirts of the Portsmouth community. Families bring their adorable, dolled up little ones in droves to trick-or-treat in a safe and friendly environment that is a fixture of Portsmouth life. It was a great gift to see so many little hands reaching for Twizzlers and chocolate balls, knowing that they will be the next generation of individuals with lives enriched by the museum.

A pretty happy pumpkin
You go in first...
Handing out candy
Some spooky swingers
I snapped a few shots to put up on here so that those who missed out can be sure to put the event on their calendars for next year. It was a chilly evening, full of howling houses, witty pirates, and creative costumes. Once again, I was reminded of the great privilege it is to belong in such a wonderful city, alongside the special folks that put their all into making Portsmouth what it is.

A miniature moon above the event

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