Sunday, November 10, 2013

Uncle Vanya in Maine

John-John (Brent Askari) and Sonny (Rebecca Rudolf)
 Holding down the homestead in turn-of-the-century Maine

I'm terribly sad that I am only getting to share with you about Uncle Vanya in Maine on the morning of its final performance. Last night, I ushered for Kittery's Star Theatre in Maine as they presented Kent Stephens' Stage Force's retelling of one Anton Chekhov's master works. I was expecting a wonderful show, being a little familiar with Chekhov from a theatre "geek" adolescence, but from the second I walked in and saw the lovely set waiting in the half-light, I knew I was in for something truly special. 


  The show exceeded my expectations in every way. The writing itself completely transported every one of us in the audience to the heart of rustic Maine and into the conflicted household of Uncle John-John and his oblivious nemesis, the Professor. I don't want to give away too much of the story, but  I will tell you that it will break your heart and then mend it, bringing laughter and sorrow in turn. I left with my heart incredibly light. Not only had I been renewed by a visit to the theatre, but I had the unique joy and privilege of committing a new and wonderful story to heart. My deepest thanks to the crew for their beautiful work, the actors for their eloquent, authentic performances, and to Kent Stephens' Stage Force and the Star Theatre in Kittery for giving us all the opportunity to take part. 

Fun Fact
I wore these shoes in high-school musicals.

So if you're reading this on Sunday, go go go! Your life will be greatly enriched by the passionate work of those who brought us Uncle Vanya in Maine. Pickwick's Mercantile was glad to sponsor this show and I was glad to attend!

The Star Theatre's
Kent Stephens' Stage Force
NHPR reports on Uncle Vanya in Maine


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  1. Our thanks to everyone at Pickwick Mercantile for your sponsorship of UNCLE VANYA IN MAINE, and to Hannah for
    volunteering this weekend - we really appreciate it! Kent Stephens for me, Christine Penney, and the rest of the
    staff and board of STAGE FORCE