Monday, April 28, 2014

Derek Warburton Visit

Derek Warburton rocking the supple Annabel Ingall tote in saddle, Rebecca Ray wrap bracelet, and his new Innouitoosh scarf!

We passed a truly delightful Saturday in Pickwick's Mercantile this past weekend, as we welcomed a visit from friend and celebrity stylist, Derek Warburton. He swept through the store searching for special items to toss in that ever-active traveling bag, rummaging expertly through all of the unexpected fabulous pieces that fill our shop's every nook and cranny. He certainly uncovered some gems- here is just a preview of what filled those well-stuffed shopping bags when he finally made his way back to the bricks.

Derek Warburton Visit

Derek Warburton Visit

Aqaba: Jewels of Blu- $80
Jewels of Blu gets serious love on Fragrantica for its unique and gorgeous blend of uncommon notes. Elements such as peach, apricot, Egyptian Jasmine, and Tibetan Musk bring you back to the prosperous Mediterranean coastlines of yore- riddled with fruit trees dripping with fragrant treasure and great stone structures inlaid with gold and precious jewels.

Etat Libre d'Orange: Afternoon of a Faun - $80
This spicy, balsamic scent pulls no punches when it comes to celebrating its herbal heritage. Bringing to mind the pungent halo of crushed flowers and lingering autumn that occurs at the edge of a wood, it features bergamot, pepper, cinnamon, orris root, leather, and then interrupts their heady rampage with the brazen unfurling of rose and jasmine. Debussy knows what I'm talking about.

Santa Maria Novella Anti-Wrinkle Eye Countour Oil - $__
This gel is packed with ginseng, grape seed oil, and echinacea, all grown without the use of pesticides and does absolute wonders for puffiness. With all of those early flights, Derek can attest to how wonderful and useful such a product can be for the sleepless traveler!

Skin Apothecary Soy Body Whip - $20
I was excited to see Derek take this home, because I sing the wonders of this body whip all day long. A healthy dose of Vitamin C, soy, and coconut oil makes an enormous difference for even the most tortured patches of dry skin and, for the cost, it works wonders.

Innouitoosh Scarf - $___
Innouitoosh is a Parisian line and their scarves are incredible. It is difficult to impart it through text- you can really only get the effect by coming in and unfolding and feeling these materials yourself. Exquisite quality with immortal designs!

Bronte, Derek, and Thistle!
Loving that Janessa Leone hat- can I wear it next?
Parting was sweet sorrow from our chic friend, but we look forward to getting our continued style fix from his many spots on television! See you soon, Derek- thank you for bringing the sunshine on a day that may have otherwise meant rain!
Derek and Julep, getting silly!
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