Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thistle's Prom Night Necklace Picks

If you ask many adolescents out there what the season is, they may voice spring, but be thinking prom. Unless you've been pulled out of school to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous on the red carpet or runway, it is likely that the grand promenade, as it were, is one of an elite handful of events for which you get to don gown or tux and generally look spectacular.

To make your day just a little more glamorous, enlist Pickwick's! No matter how lovely the bodice or intricate the seam, it always helps to have a beautiful necklace to make the outfit. Isn't that right, ladies?

Elizabeth Taylor and Anne Boleyn concur, from across the ages.

All jokes aside, we have some beautiful, simple pieces in the shop that will add to your ensemble without overshadowing whatever gorgeous gown you have chosen for the special night.
$48 at Pickwick's Mercantile
Claudia Rowe's rope of roses comes in gold or silver. I love the miniature detail of the flowers and where the necklace lies. Even better, it has a nice little heft to it for so delicate looking a piece. At first, it appears so simple, but many will certainly find it worth a second look and probably a compliment, as well!

$40 at Pickwick's Mercantile
Our Anna Koplik drop necklaces come in two shades- this beautiful opalescent stone and a more aquamarine variety of blue for those who are sporting mermaid gowns! We carry the matching earrings for both choices, as well.

$60 at Pickwick's Mercantile
I love this necklace. It is so elegant and classic- eye-catching without pretension.  The vine and vaguely wrought iron styling of this necklace are designed to accentuate that gorgeous dip in the throat, one of the most beautiful and under-appreciated parts of the body. Wear this necklace with your hair up, so that no one misses a single glittering stone.

$45 at Pickwick's Mercantile
I love the look of slender layered ropes- especially if there are pearls involved. Because this sits so high on the neck, it would look best with a sweetheart or portrait neckline. Give it a little breathing room to mesmerize. Match with a basic pearl or gold, rounded stud and unassuming slim gold chain bracelet to complete the look.

I remain grateful for the wonderful memories of my proms and I hope that you make many of your own. May you stumble across your necklace from prom night many years later, perhaps one of those shown above, and have it bring sweet thoughts to mind of a night when you danced, and laughed, and felt as beautiful as you looked.

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