Monday, April 7, 2014

Washing Off Winter

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Winter is making a swift retreat (huzzah!), but it leaves hibernation grunginess in its wake. As we step blinking into the sunlight, our sense of self-care reasserts itself. Now is the time for hair cuts, freshly painted nails, and revamped beauty regimens. I say regimen, but for Pickwickians, daily rejuvenation processes are pretty straightforward. This is mainly thanks to the Kala soap products that we carry in the shop and all take advantage of. 

For the Shower:

$7 at Pickwick's Mercantile

This Seaweed Soap smells beautiful and is packed with active marine algae that moisturizes, protects, and delivers nutrients straight to your skin. A very gentle soap, it's perfect for sensitive skin and the soft oceanic scent is a nice precursor for summer. And yes, I'm already planning for summer. Who can blame me?

$7 at Pickwick's Mercantile
This soap flies out of the store and if you've ever used it, you know why. This bar is packed with natural sea salts and it exfoliates gently. This is the absolute worst part of the year for dry skin and, unfortunately, it is also the time when it is most important to get rid of those irritating fish scales for the sake of shortened hemlines and sleeves.The Sea Salt Soap is perfect for bathing, but is also a great alternative to thick creams for a clean, close shave!

$8 at Pickwick's Mercantile
Is there a choosy gentleman in the house? He may prefer what we call "Sexy Man Soap" and Kala refers to as "Cedar Wood Soap". Bearing a classic odor, cedar wood oil has actually been used since ancient times for the way it clarifies body and soul. This also makes it a great choice for yogis and runners- almost time for sun salutations in Prescott Park!

We all know our faces need a little bit of extra lovin', so once you jump out of the shower, arm yourself with-

Face Soaps:
$6 at Pickwick's Mercantile
The greatest testament to this soap's success is the fact that every woman in Pickwick's uses it religiously. We swear by it, as do our many customer converts and their friends. I had a woman come in this past weekend who purchased six bars at once. Belgian Egg White soaps are no new revelation- the basic formulas have been around for generations. Where egg-whites are well known for clarifying the skin, chamomile gently conditions and moisturizes. Use everyday or a few times a week as a mask, and notice a huge difference!

If you are prone to dry skin, as I am, I recommend alternating between the Belgian Egg White Soap and the Sunflower Facial Soap. The blend of sunflower and evening primrose oil softens and cleanses as effectively as the Egg White, without irritating oversensitive skin.

These soaps zip out of the shop with increasing speed as more and more people discover them, so come in before they're all gone! Smell and feel amazing as the spring blossoms all around!


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