Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The First Ever Seacoast Food Swap! (Register Now!)

There is always that one recipe you can do with your eyes closed. Even if you can't flip an omelette or if you're the sort of cook who can turn noodles to paste, there is always that one precious bit of alchemy that trickles down through the family, a piece of species specific memory, that lodges itself and comes out in the wee hours when comfort food is all that will do. We want you to share that precious bit of edible soul with us- canned, pickled or baked, solid, liquid, or somewhere in between. If it's made with love and brought with joy, the Food Swap is looking for you!

Here's Erin Urquhart with the Who what when where why.

Who's Behind This:
Erin Urquhart, Grand Pickling Counsel and the heart and hands behind successful canning blog, Putting Up with Erin! Keith Wilson, the talented sous chef at Blue Moon Evolution.

What Is It:
Seacoast Food Swap is a monthly(ish) food swap event in which you bring your edible creations to swap with other food makers. No cash is exchanged and no goods are sold. In a silent auction format, homemade goodies change hands and everyone goes home inspired and happy.

Sunday, July 20th from 3-5 PM

Pickwick's at the Banke (Thistle: wahoo!!). 43 Atkinson St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

To bring together Seacoast cooks, bakers, canners, gardeners, and foragers to trade homemade and homegrown foods. A food swap is a delicious way to get people excited about local food culture. Swapping food promotes diversification of homemade foods in your own pantry while strengthening networks between members of the local food community.

Pre-registration through Eventbrite is required to reserve your booth. $5 cash at event.

What to bring:
Stuff that's edible and swappable that YOU made or gathered, i.e. home-canned goods, backyard eggs, homemade cheeses, yogurt, homegrown honey, homemade breads (yeasted or quick), homemade fresh (or dry) pasta, homegrown herbs, fruits, vegetables, foraged foods, handmade sausages, bacon (and other charcuterie), homemade soups, homemade granola, homemade cakes, cookies, and candy. Really, anything you've made from scratch.
Don't forget to pre-register for this exciting affair and if you miss it this time around, keep an eye on the Seacoast Food Swap facebook for more events and home-grown goodness! See you at the Banke!
~ Thistle

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  1. This is such a great idea - Perhaps I should coordinate with my mom to start a North Georgia round of food swapping :)
    xx Jess | Rose & Fig