Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Simple

LACAUSA Shift Dress - $64 at Lady Pickwick's
I love simple. I've always had something of a ramrod frame, so the body-con trend was never going to work out for me. LACAUSA has designed the perfect summer dress- unbelievable soft, beautiful clean lines, and made in the United States. It is the absolute epitome of lazy (yet chic) comfort.

Best Summer Stacks Ever: $39 at Bobbles & Lace
The simplicity of the dress begs a little bit of fun when it comes to other elements, so I picked up some adorable subtly-heeled sandals from one of my favorite shops, Bobbles & Lace, located right on Congress Street in Portsmouth. Everything in there is so cute and well-priced that it can be dangerous to visit. I literally walked out in these shoes! Paired with this dress, they are my favorite purchase of the summer!

Earrings from Ganesh on Market Street!
Best summer accessories!

The light always seems to have such glorious nuance in the summer in Portsmouth. All of that red brick lending its rusty kiss to the golden hour- it is so dreamy. I cannot help but lean out the door of the shop when the light is this way and be thankful, thankful, thankful.

WILL Deerskin Bag: $550 at Pickwick's at the Banke
 I have been excited to showcase this WILL deerskin leather bag from the moment it arrived. We lifted it from the box like some mythic holy grail among purses. I only wish that the pictures could show you how supple and beautiful this bag looks and feels in person. The only way to truly understand its incredible allure is to hold it in your hands. WILL produces only the most beautiful of quality. My own day-to-day bag is WILL and soon, my wallet will be as well. I can't get enough of their addiction to quality, lifetime guarantee, and unique pieces.

One of the fun things about this dress are the low sides. If you're more fearless than I (by which I mean, if your wardrobe actually contains colors), Any shade in this dress (sage, ballet pink, slate, or white) could be spiced up with a funky bandeau. I love the flexibility of a neutral tone pairing. It means I can wear this to shop around downtown or to grab a meal at Martingale on the Wharf.

It's been a summer full of goodness- great shows in the park (did you see Houndmouth? Amazing, I left a little musical Easter egg below) , good food, a plentiful Farmer's Market, storms and sun. Portsmouth is a city of simple pleasures. I like it when my style reflects that.

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