Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back to School Lip Color

It's back to school and even though my schedule doesn't hark to the bell any longer, typing those words still feels me with that same strange mix of dread and excitement. We hung out with Nyita, who is gearing up to head back to school, just like many of you. She picked out four Lipstick Queen lip shades, one to suit any kind of personality going back into the fray.

The Every Girl: Jean Queen
Jean Queen - $20
This is the most flexible shade I've ever seen- a neutral rosy tone that complements the natural pallet of your lip and looks gorgeous with nearly every skin-tone. This is just enough color and gloss for your friends to ask what you're wearing and it lives up to its name, Jean Queen. You can wear this on dress-down days without fear.

The Class-Act: Saint Berry
Saint in Berry - $22
 We couldn't help but throw in the shawl; it added to the effect. But in all seriousness, I can't rave enough about this shade. It has a little bit more personality than the ever-classic "Wine", but we chose the Saint collection of "Berry" so you can still decide how much of a statement you want to make. Using these pigments is all about layering, so you decide- do you want a stain or a more matte effect? This is also such a classic, grown-up shade that it will do just as well in the classroom as it will in the admissions office.

By-the-Horns: Sinner Fire Red

Sinner in Fire Red - $22

 This lip speaks for itself. An orange-tone red, this has all of the verve and flavor that you do, and can maybe lend you some on days when you're down. There's nothing like dark jeans, a plain t-shirt, and some silky cosmetic fire to combat the blues. Own your senior year (or freshman, or sophomore, or junior) and be fearless. Don't be nervous. Red lipstick doesn't wear you. You wear red lipstick.

Natural Born Stunner: Sinner Nude
Sinner in Nude - $22
A nude lip will never go out of style and is an absolute staple for a natural makeup routine. Understated and flattering, this is all situations appropriate and will highlight your best features.


Change is in the air. I write this with the windows open, airing out this room as much as possible, as I know the days are approaching for them to close for months at a time. We are having a glorious conclusion to this season, so enjoy it all- from sticky heat to flannel-lined nights- and have a spectacular start to the school year!


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