Thursday, September 4, 2014

Best of Northshore Magazine Soiree

Northshore Magazine is an excellent publication that brings attention to the best places to dine, things to do, and places to shop on Boston's hopping North Shore. They use beautiful photography and excellent articles to spotlight deserving businesses and events, which are so essential to the cultural flavor of New England as a whole. While the magazine is a year round pursuit, there is a best issue to get the top flavor for the North Shore. For the "Best of Northshore Magazine" annual edition, the people are allowed to vote for the top businesses in the region and when the votes are in, the results are gathered and celebrated in the July issue. The excitement doesn't stop there, though. In August, Northshore Magazine hosted a fabulous evening of dining, dancing, and general good fun, catered by the winners of the food categories (Lexie's of Newburyport, but from Portsmouth originally! Represent!) at the Misselwood Estate in Beverly, MA.

Of course, Pickwick's had to bring some garden party style to the event and I was all dolled up in Lady Pickwick's goodness.

Besame Red Velvet: $20 at Pickwick's Mercantile

I wore my favorite lipstick- Besame's Velvet Red, so that I could eat everything in sight without having to worry about a touch-up and my favorite Pickwick's jewelry line in my ears. Made in Paris, these earrings are only $48 and come in a range of shapes, colors, sizes, and styles- all more lovely than the last. It was hard to choose, but one must always consider the eyes, I suppose!

Innouitoosh: $130 at Lady Pickwick's
Yestadt Millinery: 30% off at Lady Pickwick's
Hats are coming back, slowly but surely, and I intend to be part of that style revolution. The Innouitoosh wool scarf made both a lovely shawl, with its horse and carriage print spread out, and an effective belt for a dress designed to drape goddess style. I love the colors of this particular one, they are perfect for fall and winter, bunched at the throat with a brown coat, or complimenting a chambray shirt in September. 

There were cupcakes, sliders, lobster rolls, a candy bar, and a showing from the boogie-inducing Felix Brown Band. The energy was high and the room was full of beautiful people out in their best attire, coming together to celebrate over the bounty of great culture and business in the North Shore. Even when the rain began to fall, the energy remained high and the drops caught the matrices of amber light that wove through the bramble and thicket lining the event.

Boci (Made in Italy) Dress: $130 at Lady Pickwick's
We Dream in Colour Glass Bracelet: $150 at Pickwick's Mercantile
Deco Inspired Rose Gold Necklace: $28 at Pickwick's Mercantile

Over-all it was a lovely evening. I certainly indulged in my share of sweets and was exposed to so many wonderful businesses that I may not have otherwise known of. I'm so grateful that we neighbor on such an energetic and fabulous region, with so much to offer in every arena and I'm grateful that Northshore Magazine brings attention to it. And not for nothing, it was nice to dress up in a real summer outfit for perhaps one final time for the season. I hope you're all stretching your sunny prints and bare legs. It will be time to cover them up soon enough. Thank you, Northshore Magazine for giving me the opportunity to do the same!

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