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Guest Blog: Brendan of "Rocks, Ropes, and Crashpads" reviews Epperson Mountaineering

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It was very exciting for me to extend an invitation to my dear friend and fellow blogger, Brendan Blanchard, to come in and check out our new Epperson mountaineering packs, carried at Pickwick's at the Banke. If he found them worthy, he was free to put up a product review on his own blog, a nexus of all things climbing from his training regimen to his gear. It seems that he gave them a glowing pass and I have included the entirety of his post from "Rocks, Ropes, and Crashpads" below.

This past week I had the opportunity to check out Epperson Mountaineering's Large Climb Pack, courtesy of Thistle at Pickwick's Mercantile in Portsmouth, NH. Though I wasn't able to take a pack out for a test due to my recent shoulder surgery, I was able to play around in the store, and check out their construction and learn a little about their brand.

Epperson Mountaineering started in California in 1973 and all their packs are handmade in the U.S. today.

The construction is rugged, and certainly not your average consumer bag. You're more likely to see a ten-year old one at the crag than find one on sale at a major online retailer. Made of 1000-denier cordura, these bags beg to be thrown around the base of the crag while shuffling between routes, or even better, replace an Ikea rope bag with one of Epperson's large tote bags that will last.


  • The pack sits comfortably on the shoulders, and being only 22 liters, hardly needs any additional straps to secure it nicely. With five exterior pockets, there's no shortage of space for food and other cragging necessities.
  • The main compartment opens with a 2mm cord draw string, which will handle all manner of abuse. There won't be any fraying, snapping, or de-sheathing like many commercial and stretchy cords.
  • The size fits nicely into the cragging category, with space for shoes, a small trad or full sport rack, a jacket, and plenty of space for water or food in numerous exterior pockets.
  • The straps are adjustable via solid buckles and tubular webbing, used both on the front and back.
  • Solid stitching sets these packs apart, coming pre-seam sealed, these packs are ready for a lifetime of adventures.

Each pack is hand made and standard setting in quality. Epperson's packs are solid, durable and very no-nonsense. If you're looking for a responsibly made, durable cragging pack that won't need replacing, Epperson Mountaineering is where you should be looking.


Thank you so much for the insight into Epperson, Brendan, and for coming on down to the shop! If you have any sort of wilderness, wanderlust, or adventuresome bent I suggest Rocks, Ropes, and Crashpads for some great reading and tips!

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