Friday, December 5, 2014

"Wind's In the East"

When I was in eighth grade, I had the sort of magical teacher that they make Lifetime docudramas about and she took me and my class to New York City as our final hurrah of the school year. There, we filed dutifully into plush velvet seats in a crowded theater alive with the excitement of the gathered, sat down, and held our breath as the curtain rose. I spent the next two hours in absolute rapture. Even looking back at going to that show now, brings me right back to the thrill of it, the direct infusion of joy that it brought to my life. That Broadway Production was Mary Poppins.

Pickwick's Mercantile is proud and delighted to support the Ogonquit Playhouse's partnership with the Music Hall in bringing Broadway hit "Mary Poppins" to life in Portsmouth. I spent this overcast morning on the long green carpets of our city's beautiful theater, watching a complex set slowly come to life- there was the precarious walk upon which chimney sweeps will gambol and high-step come next Thursday evening, there the roof of No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane, held aloft and bobbing above the stage. In one week, steel and wood will become the framework for something magical, a living, breathing production that is practically perfect in every way.

This production brings in a combination of local and big city talent, all dedicated professionals who are committed to making magic happen. Gail Bennett, who plays the indomitable Mary herself, has performed the part over one hundred times in productions that include the National Tour! With acting chops like that represented, it's no surprise that the Ogonquit production opened to rave reviews. Check out this August Seacoast Online write-up! Now imagine all of that goodness under the stunning chandelier and beneath our very own elegant proscenium. Mary Poppins at the Music Hall promises to be the Christmas gift of the season, for adults and children alike and tickets are going fast. Be sure to reserve yours HERE. I will be there Thursday evening to greet you and every other audience member and couldn't be more honored, to be perfectly honest!

Couldn't resist!
The mini carpet bags are too precious (and only 10 dollars)!
Swing by Pickwick's to chat Mary with us and pick up some show merch for Christmas- maybe hide the tickets inside a miniature Mary Poppins carpet bag? We will have Christmas ornaments, miniature carpet bags and, most importantly, those fabulous parrot head umbrellas!

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