Monday, January 26, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: "Pour Les Dames"

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and we are all in love with love here at Pickwick's. The Pickwickians are excited to offer their top choice for your darling and here is round one, dedicated entirely to the ladies!

Lady Pickwick
Vollers Corset, $205
The Lady is inclined to suggest the only Valentine gift more classic than a heart-shaped box of chocolates- lingerie. Ever the sophisticate, she offers up her favorite piece: a hand-boned corset, made in England, in a delicate blossom shade. Is your sweetheart more daring or perhaps more demure? Black and ivory renditions can be found in the drawers at Lady Pickwick's, as well.

Penny Dreadful
Prize Candle, $25
Sometimes we choose something we would simply like to receive and that is certainly true for Penny Dreadful's choice. Prize Candles smell delightful, are soy, and made in America, but the best part of all lies at the very bottom. In every candle there is a lovely cocktail ring, worth anywhere from $10 to $5,000. Every candle is guaranteed to have one. If she starts burning the ring on Valentine's Day, she will then have a ring to enjoy all year long.

Thistle Jones
Lady Chatterley's Lover, $22
This is the original saucy read. Long before Harlequin began its mighty march across the world, there was D.H. Lawrence's liberated Lady Chatterley, who wiggled her hips onto shelves in 1928. Smart and well-written, this book is as relevant and engrossing now as ever. Not to mention, our lovely Penguin clothbound edition is as striking as its content, a brilliant red with a rising phoenix pattern.

Admiral Baileywick Candybuttons
Bellagio Hot Chocolate, $2 paired with Danish Biscuits, $12
Baileywick's gift is all about cozy comfort. If dinner out is not to her taste, then perhaps dessert in is. Make dinner together, curl up with this silky french vanilla hot cocoa and some biscuits, and choose a favorite movie. Single? This is an equally lovely Valentine's ritual with a dear friend.

Mr. Pickwick
Mason Pearson Hairbrush, $60-$200
The first Valentine's Day gift that Mr. Pickwick ever gave his beloved Lady was a Mason Pearson hairbrush with which to brush her long locks every morning and evening. The first of these beautiful handmade boar hair brushes was made in 1905 by Mason Pearson and they are put together in England with the same attention to detail and quality now as they were then. 

Knewton Higgins; Soothsayer
Tea Infuser Travel Mug in Bloom, $20
Is your sweetheart a tea drinker? We have a wonderful selection of teas available to pair with this sweet, European aesthetic infuser mug. Pickwick's at the Banke offers loose-leaf options from across the pond and this will be function for her desk at work or the breakfast table at home.

Keep an eye on this space for our men's guide on Wednesday evening! And remember...

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