Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: "Pour Les Hommes"

As promised in our Valentine's Day guide for the lady in your life, here is the Pickwickian follow-up, with romantic choices for the gentleman!

Knewton Higgins
Juniper Ridge Trail Crew Wash, $26
Does your sweetheart sport a backpack as comfortably as a business-suit and dream of walking the Appalachian Trail like some folks do of the boardwalk in Miami? Juniper Ridge is made by and for men of darling's ilk. The crew of Juniper Ridge escape into the woods for weeks at a time and emerge loaded down with all natural, wild-gathered and home-extracted essential oils. This crew soap literally smells of an escape into the woods and can even be used safely in rivers and streams. The perfect Valentine's choice for your very own Muir or Bon Iver.

Penny Dreadful
Jimmy Chin x Harry's Kit, $30
Aside from your Valentine, Jimmy Chin is pretty much the most fascinating fellow walking. He hikes, climbs, skis and, most notably of all, photographs. Now he can add design to that list with this collaboration with Harry's. You can read all about our Harry's love on this post from last year and this special collection is no different. Red, yellow, blue- great shaves and as cool as the man behind them.

Lady Pickwick
1740 (Marquis de Sade), $125
The Parisian born Marquis de Sade is one of the most controversial figures in history, a true libertine that shocked and appalled with his sexy escapades and fantasies. This perfume is inspired by his legacy, with a hazy composition that brings to mind red-panelled rooms, damask curtains pooling in shadow, and threads of incense-like smoke coiling in the shreds of light that slip beneath the door-frame. Liquor and leather, davana sensualis, labdanum, patchouli, and the temptation of dry fig.

Thistle Jones
Icons of Men's Style, $30
Gregory Peck, Steve Mcqueen, Yves Saint Laurent, and even John Wayne. If your gentleman is a dapper dress, he will appreciate looking through this book and learning about the trailblazers that made monk shoes and tailored trousers a reality and the perfect simplicity of a white t-shirt and denim a universally acknowledged fact of rogue-ish style.

Mr. Pickwick
Penhaligon's "Lothair", $160
This choice was so clear for Mr. Pickwick that there wasn't even any debate. He hopes Lady Pickwick looks at this list (hello, darling). Penhaligon's of London presents this spectacular fragrance, inspired by the tea ships of yore. How very Portsmouth! This is the object of our obsession at Pickwick's right now, with something for everyone in its many layers. The heart of smoked black tea and fig milk, base of cedar wood, and top notes of grapefruit, salt, and juniper, build the ship before your eyes. There, the deck and there, the cargo- exotic blends of tea and citrus from distant islands, cutting the headiness of wood and its varnish. You will both be transported whenever he wears it.

Admiral Baileywick Candybuttons
Woodford Reserve Spiced Cherry Bitters, $
Baileywick suggests that, while he tries to surprise you with dinner, you surprise him with a Manhattan like never before. These spiced cherry bitters from Woodford Reserve are a favorite among mixology connoisseurs and, topped off with Woodford's equally astounding bourbon cherries? Served next to that rack of lamb you absolutely weren't expecting? Oh yes. You are a good team.

This holiday is all about love so, from everyone here at Pickwick's, we hope you see it from all directions in the next couple of weeks. Love your friends, love your lovers, and love yourself, because you deserve every ounce that comes your way. Happy Valentine's Day!

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